A World Free of Interest Begins With a World Full of Knowledge

Help Train 1,000 Scholars


Ethica has given over $350,000 in financial aid to students, the unemployed, and professionals in need. The Train-a-Scholar program now aims to provide free training and certification to a new generation of scholars.

Riba will not go away without spreading knowledge. And no one spreads knowledge better than a reliable scholar steeped in traditional knowledge, seasoned with practical experience, and imbued with taqwa. When we train one banker, the training usually ends with that banker. But when we train one scholar, we help support thousands of people across numerous communities and institutions.

Contribute $550 to Train 1 Scholar

Have you ever dreamt of a world free of interest? Help us make it a reality. If you can give up only $2/day for the next year, you can help us train 1 scholar.

Contribute $5,500 to Train 10 Scholars

Philanthropists who believe that interest harms society now have a chance to get behind a good cause.

Contribute $55,000 to Train 100 Scholars

Banks, universities, and donor agencies now get to add to their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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