Career Advancement Package (CAP)

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At Ethica, we passionately believe that our relationship continues far beyond your certification. The point of Ethica CIFE™ isn't a piece of paper; it's the knowledge, recognition, and transformative effect that piece of paper should have on your career. That's why we created Ethica's Career Advancement Package.

Ethica's alumni work in over 160 financial institutions in 65 countries, making it the most trusted name in Islamic finance certification. As more and more professionals opt for Ethica's CIFE™, your certificate becomes a globally recognized currency. When your resume reads 'Ethica CIFE™ Graduate,' recruiters know that you bring more Islamic finance know-how to the job than most around.

How does Ethica's Career Advancement Package give you the edge?

Ethica's Career Advancement Package includes:
  • Referrals to three Islamic banks. In the competitive world of job hunting when thousands are applying for a handful of positions, a referral often makes the difference between getting an interview or not.
  • 1-on-1 career counseling with a former Harvard and MIT recruiter for Morgan Stanley. Learn the closely guarded secrets of what works and what doesn’t.
  • CV review and job interview coaching
  • Recommendation letters
  • Use CIFE™ and ACIFE™ as a designatory title after your name on resumes and LinkedIn
  • Access alumni network spanning +160 financial institutions in 65 countries
  • Search 2,000+ "Ethica" hits on LinkedIn

We are not a recruitment agency and neither guarantee jobs nor interviews. At best, we help and we've helped many. Simply search CIFE or Ethica Institute on LinkedIN to see the diversity — both geographical and professional — of Ethica's CIFE™ graduates and the organizations they work for. What's more effective — sending your resume to [email protected] or getting introduced to someone who works there and gives you the inside story?

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