Government of Dubai Invites Ethica to European Trade Delegation


Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance and the Government of Dubai Join Forces to Bring Accredited Islamic Finance Training to France and Germany

DUBAI, UAE, April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/

Europe moves one step closer to Islamic finance today when the Government of Dubai announced that it is inviting Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance on a high-level trade delegation to France and Germany. With over 20,000 paid users in over 40 countries, Ethica is the leading Islamic finance training institute in the world.

Dubai's trade delegation is a response to official calls from Europe for quality Islamic finance training. With over 7 million Muslims in France and Germany alone, the delegation hopes to address demand from one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in the west. So it comes as little surprise that demand for Islamic finance products in Europe is now at an all time high. And with that, demand for accredited Islamic finance training.

"Ethica was chosen because they are the leading accredited training institute in Islamic finance today. They bring AAOIFI Shariah standards, scholar approvals, and years of industry-tested experience in training banks and universities," said Moin Anwar, Director at Dubai Exports.

Ethica's Managing Director, Atif Khan said, "Europe is currently under-served in Islamic finance. Ethica's e-learning solutions take Europe beyond the limitations of guidebooks, conferences, and classrooms with accredited online training from bankers based in Dubai."

About Dubai Exports

The Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) provides exporters with the services required to enter or expand into foreign markets. The DEDC also undertakes an advocacy role for exporters in their relations with government and other relevant agencies through the formation of long term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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