Maisarah Upgrades its Islamic Finance Training License with Ethica Institute, Citing Improved Performance


Ethica Institute has helped Maisarah Islamic Banking staff overcome the "knowledge barrier," say Maisarah senior management. Six months after signing onto Ethica's online certification program, Oman's Maisarah Islamic Banking Services increases the number of bankers trained online with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance.

Dubai, UAE, October 21, 2014

Starting with just 45 bank trainees 6 months ago, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, the Islamic banking window of BankDhofar of Oman, is now increasing the number of bankers trained online with Ethica Institute's 4-month Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program. Ethica's online CIFE is the same certificate held by professionals in 64 countries and over 160 financial institutions. Ethica's program is also available with in-class Islamic finance training for banks that want a blended experience.

Feedback from senior management gave rousing praise to the program:

"We are very happy with Ethica's 4 month program. The CIFE training and certification program started in May when the first batch comprising of 45 candidates registered. The program provided an excellent opportunity for employees to grow professionally," said Jamsheed Hamza, Head of Retail at Maisarah. "One of the major challenges any business faces – and especially in the Islamic finance sector – is finding knowledgeable staff. This course is helping Maisarah overcome that barrier. With staff equipped with knowledge on Islamic products, they are able to answer customer queries and guide them to the right product. This in turn helps the organization gain recognition in the market."

The Group Leader and Head of Treasury, Yousuf Mohammed, praised the program's structure, saying, "Ethica is really contributing to our staff's Islamic finance expertise. With Ethica, we believe there is unlimited opportunity for learning and growth in Islamic finance. The way the course is structured helps learners absorb sessions in small portions. That also retains interest and motivation to continue learning."

Training Manager, Dr. Hamid Al Marjan, confirmed that the bank would be upgrading their license with Ethica, saying, "Within 4 months of registering the first batch, another group of Maisarah employees are ready to be certified by Ethica. Their e-learning solution is very unique and suits us since employees can continue their studies without compromising on their professional career. Ethica provided us with the flexibility to train as many bankers as we need without compromising on the quality of training."

Ethica's Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program is designed to take those new to Islamic finance to an advanced level of practical knowledge in 4 months or less. Globally, Ethica's clients include several banking giants, most notably Mashreq Bank in Dubai, where 1,000 bankers were trained.


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