Ethica Interview: Charles Eisenstein, Author of "Sacred Economics," the Gift Economy and How it Translates to Islamic Finance


Ethica interviews Charles Eisenstein, the author of "Ascent of Humanity" and "Sacred Economics." It was the latter of these books that was the inspiration for us at Ethica getting in touch with Charles.

As listeners of the interview will realize, Charles looks at the topic of Economics from the perspective of civilization, consciousness, money, human, and the spiritual and much of what he articulates is entirely consistent with what Islamic finance 'should be'. We use the words 'should be', because the interview also touches on some of the things that have so far impeded much of Islamic finance from realizing its original ideals.

Charles is a Yale graduate with degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy and currently serves on the faculty of Goddard College. Aside from his formal teaching, he is actively involved in training and delivering seminars and workshops on how to apply the sacred in economics. Charles has also been recently featured on the cover of Ode Magazine and has been described as one of the deepest integrative thinkers active today.

Join us in a conversation that may just change the way you view Islamic finance forever and more importantly outline the role you can play in bringing the sacred back into economics.
As Charles says, "help create that more beautiful world that all our hearts tell us is possible."

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